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High-Tech Parents, Low Tech Kids Technology at the table Conversations About Tech at the Table

High-Tech Parents, Low Tech Kids

hand-282525_1280A recent New York Times article revealed that Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc., actually limited his kids’ access to technology! In fact, Jobs is one of a group of high-tech parents with low-tech households.

Read the full article here, and then get your family’s take on tech using the following conversation starters:

Would you expect someone whose job revolves around technology to limit its use within their own home? Why or why not?

If you were the parent, would you let your kids use technology? If yes, how much? Would you set limits?  If you were the child, what would you think?

Should the same rules that apply to kids apply to parents?  Why or why not?

Can you think of any reasons why it’s sometimes good to take a break from screen time?

What are your favorite things to do without computers, phones, or TV?

Some of the parents interviewed in The Times article talked about setting limits such as only allowing technology on the weekends, or letting teenagers use certain social networks but not others. Do you think there are some kinds of technology that should be allowed only at certain ages or at certain times? Why or why not?

Those close to Steve Jobs say that while he didn’t let his kids use very much technology at home, he did make sure that everyone gathered together for dinner and talked about things that were important to them. Why do you think he felt that family dinner was so important? When you eat dinner as a family, what do you enjoy about it?