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Feeling Lonely? Share a Meal.

Sharing the Holiday Load

New Ways to Ask “How Was Your Day?”

100 Ways to Ask About The Day

Preparing Teens for Dinner Independence

Reduce Eating Disorder Risk at Family Dinner

Family Dinner and Eating Disorders: What Parents Need to Know

Boost Mental Health with Music at Meals

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Talking to Kids About Tragedy

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Eddy Family

Managing Anxiety at Family Meals

Talking About: Managing Anxiety

How to Talk to Kids About Sex and Intimacy

Dinner Coping Skills for 2022

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Talking About Connecting With Others

Less Cleaning, Less Cooking, More Family Dinner

How to Talk to Your Kids This Summer

Teens at the Dinner Table

Building Positive Body Image at Family Dinner

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Carr Family

7 Ways to Support Kids and Teens Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

Feeding Falsehoods

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Lewis Family

Class of 2023 or No Class At All?

Varsity Blues

Building Healthy Relationships at the Table

ES: Make Memories With Family Dinner

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Lorenz Family

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Nogueira Family

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Thompson Family

TFDP Heads to the FCCLA National Leadership Conference!

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Walter Family

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Darvick Family

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Townsend Family

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Lazio Family

What’s News?

Teen to Teen: Make Time for Family Dinners

On the Path to College, Reflecting on Family Dinner

Tweeting Normandy

TFDP at the AAFCS Annual Conference

Executive Director Lynn Barendsen on “Sound Bites”

His Own Beat

FDP and Common Sense Media Present a New Resource

FDP at the FCCLA National Cluster Conference

Talking with CASAColumbia About Family Day

Talking to Strangers

FDP at the FCCLA National Conference

Family Dinner as a Sanctuary

Bringing Common Sense to Media Use at Waring School

Red Carpet Rewind: Conversations Inspired by the Oscars

Dedicated to Different

Talking with Your Teen at the Table

8-13 Thoughts&Opinions-28

Are we Making too Much about Miley?

Putting Integrity First

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Talking about Independence

The Snowden Showdown

Crying Foul

That’s Not Fair!

An Extra Large Error in Judgment

Making the Most of Dinner with Adolescents

Basket Case: Considering the Rutgers Scandal

Duct Tape Dilemma

A Hero’s Fall from Grace

Celebrity Endorsements

Crimson With Shame

Dark Clouds Over Happy Valley

Snow Job Risks No Job

Football or Footbrawl?

Race to the Bottom

The Parent Trap

Judge for Yourself

Putting the SAT Cheating Scandal to the Test

A Penny for Your Thoughts?

Washington D.C. – Discord and Contention

Sign of the Times: What’s a Parent to Do?

Election Inspection

School Days, Cruel Days

Chipping In

Peeking Behind the Privacy Curtain

Daddy-Daughter Duel

Brawl in the Family

Addition Through Subtraction

A Right to Tweet?

Some Teachers in a Bind over ‘No Child Left Behind’

Private Lives…Public Spaces

Teacher Appreciation Week, Indeed

Three Strikes and You’re Out!

Where Kindness is King

A Little Boy With A Big Heart

Sweet 16

He Lives to Give


The Politics of Language

Seeing Stars: Tips for Talking College with Kids

Meeting Your Child’s Sweetheart

Addressing Steubenville

Racial Justice: the Case of Trayvon Martin

Deepening Conversation Around the Hunger Games

Processing Tragedy with our Children

Television: the Great Influencer?

When Bullying Turns Deadly

Let’s Talk About Bullying

Talking about Tragedy