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Real Family Dinner Projects: The Walter Family

A mother and daughter find unique ways to keep the family dinner spark going, despite busy schedules and planning challenges.

The Food Tells the Story

Making family recipes — and sharing the stories behind them — can bring extra meaning to the family dinner table.

Fixer Upper

An Oregon man sets the example — and gathers a community together — after witnessing unkind behavior towards his neighbor.

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Gonzalez Family

Meet the Gonzalez family, a large — and still growing — household where everyone learns to take part in making healthy family dinners a priority!

Grandparents at the Table: The Importance of Talking About Family History

Inviting grandparents to the family dinner table can open up a new world of conversations, family history and connecting with one another.

The Last Laugh

A new documentary explores the subject of whether some topics are just too dark for comedy. What does your family think?

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Darvick Family

A longstanding family dinner tradition rooted in faith and friendship comes full circle with the birth of a new generation.