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Real Family Dinner Projects: The Nogueira Family

A busy family of three reflects on how hard it is to slow down and enjoy family dinners once they’re at the table together.

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Earl Family

Meet the Earls, family of famed nerdfighter Esther Earl and founders of #EstherDay! Here they share about their family dinner routines.

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Thompson Family

Meal planning expert Brenda Thompson and her family give a glimpse into life at their dinner table.

Wondering About Women

A theatre’s decision to offer female-only screenings of Wonder Woman is in the spotlight. Find out what your family thinks about empowerment vs. discrimination in our latest Conversation of the Week.

Why You Should Invite Your Elderly Parents to Dinner

Aging expert Kim Smith offers simple insights into the whys and hows of making elderly relatives a regular part of your family dinners.

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Dineen Family

The creator of a series of special conversation starters for grandparents and grandchildren shares some of the secrets of her family dinners.

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Walter Family

A mother and daughter find unique ways to keep the family dinner spark going, despite busy schedules and planning challenges.