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Kids who Cook: Meet Chef Nate!

Posted on: June 17th, 2013 by Jono

My name is Nate. I am a 10 year old living in Newburyport, Mass. My interest in cooking started at about age three or four. I learned how to make pancakes as a start. I would always try to make pancakes as big as the spatula would allow me too. Now I still like to make pancakes but I also like to make Belgian waffles, scrambled eggs, eggs over easy, and bacon. But that is only breakfast food.

I also like to grill, and I grill dinner most nights. I like to grill burgers, steak, chicken, and fish.

Why do I like to cook?  It’s a lot of fun! It is something that my whole family enjoys, and on special occasions, I’ll make some special desserts like a flourless chocolate cake. Or on Thanksgiving, I like to make caramel apple pie. But that’s for a different day.

Natemisto Natecooking2 Natecooking enjoyingthemeal

The pictures are of me making breakfast on a weekend morning for my sister and me. The picture of me at the sink with the olive oil is me refilling my Misto. Instead of PAM cooking spray, it sprays a fine mist of whatever you want. I use it with all natural olive oil for a non-stick solution.

I am always willing to make any meal for anyone!  I especially like to cook for my family because family time is the best. We enjoy talking and laughing together.  It really feels happy and cozy when we eat together.



Nate will continue to write about his cooking adventures and share some recipes with us. We’re also interested in highlighting other kids who love to cook so feel free to email us at bri@thefamilydinnerproject.org.