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Drive Past the Drive Thru!

Posted on: November 23rd, 2014 by April Hamilton

It has been reported that the most commonly used appliance for family meals is not the stove, oven, gas grill, or even microwave. It is the power window.

Drive past any fast food place and witness the scores of cars in line. Engines running. People sitting, drinking in the exhaust of the cars all around them. Waiting for an underpaid worker to hand them an overpriced bag of food.

Is this really fast? Is it really good?

We seem to be so busy that we opt for food from the window instead of cooking for ourselves and our family.

Our lives are full.

But really how long does it take to assemble a sandwich or roll up a wrap? Allow a few extra minutes before rushing out the door.

smoothieaprilhamiltonBlend a healthful fruit smoothie to enjoy on your commute or for your kids before school. Or quickly scramble an egg with last night’s grilled veggies. Wrap it in a whole wheat tortilla and you have a breakfast burrito.

Once you’ve mastered this new morning groove, you can step up to the dinner plate. When evenings are full of meetings, kids’ activities, you name it, the drive-thru often becomes dinner default. Drive on past.

Research shows that things parents are concerned about can be improved by sitting down to a meal together.

Believe it or not, you’ll be saving time and money. This change of routine will add extra minutes to your day, and help create quality time with your family.   Who wants to spend precious time waiting in a drive-thru line?

If you’ve simply taken a break from cooking at home, make a commitment to get back on track. If you are a stranger to the kitchen, gradually master a few quick recipes like this delicious and adaptable Caesar Salad and it will become a happy habit!

People who report kicking the fast food route brag about their slimming waistlines and their growing cash savings. That’s something to smile about