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Team Spirit, Giving Spirit

Posted on: November 19th, 2013 by Amy


Take one middle school football team named the Olivet Eagles, out of Olivet Michigan. Now imagine the young men on this football team conspiring to intentionally not score a touchdown so Keith, a schoolmate with special needs, could have a chance to do it himself.

Both the teams’ coaches and Keith had no idea of the plan when one player “took a knee” on the one-yard line so Keith could score while his teammates physically protected him. Watch this video with your kids (and with tissues nearby), and then use any of the following questions to spark a conversation about this extraordinarily kind-hearted act:



  • For young football players, intentionally missing a touchdown seems like a big sacrifice. Have you ever sacrificed something important to you for someone else? What was it? How did you feel about it after?
  • When asked why they let Keith score, Justice, one of the boys in the video says “To make someone’s day…to make someone’s week. To make them happy.” How might you make someone happy today or this week? Who would it be? What might you do?
  • The football team’s acceptance of Keith is a big deal for the Olivet Middle School community. Do you know anyone who is struggling to fit in? What could you do to make them feel more accepted?
  • Talk about a time you were on a team or part of a group that showed “team spirit” by doing something nice for someone.
  • Keith benefited from this act of kindness, but it seems clear in the video that the boys on the football team benefited as well. What are the positive things you gain when you are kind to others?
  • “For it is in giving that we receive,” said Francis of Assisi. How does this quote apply to the story? How might it apply to your own life?


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