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Crowdsourcing Kindness

Posted on: March 12th, 2015 by Amy

It may be the best dance-related move ever: last month, a man from London gets body shamed online for busting a move and the next thing you know, thanks to a stranger, he’s having a dance party with thousands of guests thrown in his honor! Add to that celebrities such as Pharrell Williams and Moby who have offered to perform at the event, and organizations in L.A. that have offered to host the event and pay for Sean’s travel, and this is crowdsourcing kindness at its finest. Read the story and related tweets here and then choose from these conversation starters to discuss!



Why do you think Cassandra did what she did for a stranger?

Like Cassandra, have you ever done something special for someone to make them feel better? What  was it?

Do you know what ‘cyberbullying’ means?

Why do you think people bully each other – whether online or in person?

What does it mean to body shame someone? Have you or someone you know ever been a victim of body shaming? What happened?

What might you say or do to make a bullied (or cyberbullied) friend feel better?

Sean stopped dancing when he saw people laughing at him. Can you recall a time something similar happened to you?  (or “Talk about a time you felt embarrassed”).

Have you ever done something mean to someone and felt badly about it after? What happened?

Do you think social media is a powerful force for good or bad, or both? Give an example from your own life or the media if you can.



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