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Tension Tamers for the Family Dinner Table

  Family dinner should be a fun, rewarding experience most of the time. After all, dinnertime is supposed to be the take-a-breath moment in our busy days, when we can sit down together and enjoy the company of the people we love most. But family dinner also involves family, and families — even the most […]

How to Beat Tension and Conflict from Your Family Dinner

Six simple insights into common dinner table conflicts, and how to tame them for good.

Easing Tension at the Table (just in time for Thanksgiving!)

Tension at the table is one of the most common reasons families choose not to eat together. Whether it’s complaints about the food, a leftover fight from the day before, or lingering stress from a long day at work or with the kids, there are times that the dinner table can feel like a minefield. […]

Tips for Reducing Tension at the Table

A version of this article also appears on Dr. Anne Fishel’s Food for Thought blog.  Who doesn’t love the idea of dinner as a time to kick back, relax and enjoy the company of your beloved family? Yet, despite this wish, tension can often challenge the peaceful dinner hour. For example, after rushing home from […]

Getting Along and Taming Tension During Quarantine

It’s essential that we figure out how to help everyone get along during the stress of quarantine. We’re sharing expert tips from Dr. Anne Fishel.

Podcast Episode 1: Home for the Holidays?

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our latest venture: The Family Dinner Project Podcast! In each of our 30-minute episodes, Content Manager Bri DeRosa and Executive Director Dr. Anne Fishel will talk through tough topics related to family meals. Pull up a chair and grab a plate — we’re serving up real talk about […]


Planting the Seeds of Good Health at the Dinner Table

  Depending on where you live, March may be coming in like its characteristic lion, or it may already be showing its kinder, fluffier lamb side. Either way, we know that this month marks the annual turning point towards Spring, with sunshine and new seeds sprouting all around us! This March, we’re focusing on how […]

Newsletter October

Does Family Dinner Scare You?

October is a month of thrills and chills, when people delight in telling their favorite horror stories…


All you need is Love (And Dinner)

Happy Valentine’s Day Month! Perhaps the Beatles were correct when they crooned “All you need is Love.” But as everyone knows, love’s not always what you get. There are a whole slew of emotions we humans contend with: anger, joy, sadness, fear, disappointment, frustration. The list goes on. And for kids, recognizing and responding to […]

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Giving Thanks for Family Dinner

With Thanksgiving and winter holidays now only weeks away…

Consejos para reducir la tensión en la Mesa

¿A quién no le encanta la idea de la cena como un tiempo para relajarse, descansar y disfrutar de la compañía de su amada familia? Sin embargo, a pesar de este deseo, la tensión a menudo puede desafiar a la hora de comer en paz. Por ejemplo, después de correr a casa del trabajo para […]

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Rules, Rules, Rules

“My dad doesn’t allow talking at the table. He says dinnertime is eating time, not chatting time!”…