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Yogurt Parfait Bar


Come together and build breakfast. A yogurt parfait bar makes it fun.

  1. Set out yogurt, fruit, cereal, and whatever else your family may enjoy.
  2. Put a serving spoon in each, and give all of your guests clear cups and glasses.
  3. Have everyone assemble their parfaits. Enjoy!


Get More People in on Breakfast


If you’ve enjoyed breakfast with your family, bring more people to the table today. Whether it’s your neighbors or your grandparents, bringing more people in will only make it more fun. Ask them about their own breakfast traditions and swap ideas and recipes.

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Play a Game Together

Make It Fun

Have your big group sit around the table and play telephone. Choose someone to start, and have them whisper a phrase to the person on their right. Then, that person whispers that phrase to the person on their right, and so on, and so on. You won’t believe how the story changes by the time it goes around the table!

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