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Clothing Checklist

Make It Easier

Help your kids make time for breakfast by giving them a printable checklist that helps them plan their clothes out at night. This will make it easier to make time for breakfast, and will make your kids feel like they’re helping out by being prepared.

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What is Your Wish & Worry

Make It Meaningful

Talking with your kids about their wishes and worries for the day will give you a chance to give them advice and help them brainstorm possible solutions. Ask everyone to share what they wish will happen in their day, and what they’re worried about.

keep-it-goingKEEP IT GOING: At dinner, have everyone reflect on their day by asking what the rose (best moment) and thorn (worst moment) were. This will help you get insight into their feelings, and give you a chance to offer advice.


Create Your Family’s Morning Playlist

Make It Fun

Together, create a playlist of your family’s favorite songs and make it a part of your mornings. Teach your kids about your favorite music so they can learn a thing or two about music history – and about you! You may learn something new about what they like too.

cameraPASS IT ON: Share moments from your family’s morning at #FamilyBreakfast