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Thanksgiving History and Perspectives

Thanksgiving is a holiday with a simple message, but a complex history. On Thanksgiving, we gather with friends and family to focus on gratitude and togetherness. But generations of misguided and inaccurate stories about the history of the day have become part of our cultural celebrations.

The stories we tell, about our families, our traditions, and our history, are an important part of family dinner — especially during the holidays. In recognition of the power of stories, we worked with our friends at Made by Us to present this collection of resources about the history of Thanksgiving and how we can all honor the true meaning of the day, while respecting and learning from other perspectives. Here, you’ll find articles, videos, and recipes from Indigenous creators as well as historians and organizations who uplift Indigenous voices, and some new conversation starters and games your family can use to shape your own stories about the significance of Thanksgiving.