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Meal Planner

Sometimes, worrying about dinner consumes just as much energy as making it. What should I cook? Do I have the ingredients? Will the kids eat what I’m whipping up?

meal planner PDFLife is pretty frantic already, so the more stress you can take out of dinner, the better. That’s where our meal planner comes in. By planning a meal for each day, you’ll know exactly what you’re having before the week even starts, eliminating daily dinner panic and last-minute trips to the grocery store.

Not only will planning meals save you time and money, it’ll also help bring balance and variety to your dinners. You can map out which veggies, protein, and grains you’re having that week, and check with your kids in advance about whether they’ll eat them. This allows you to craft a range of fun, healthy meals, and avoid having chicken five nights in a row.

So, download our fancy Meal Planner, and get started!

Stress and the same old food? Not at this table! Bon appetite!


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