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Veg Out with The Family Dinner Project and Recipe for Success

RFSLogoWith10Years smallThroughout March, The Family Dinner Project will be undertaking a month-long partnership with Recipe for Success as part of their Veg Out! campaign. Veg Out! is a year long call to action encouraging families and communities to increase vegetable consumption, culminating in a “30 Ways in 30 Days” challenge in March. Each week, we will be spotlighting Recipe for Success and their work with the Veg Out! Challenge by sharing vegetable-centered recipes as part of our Dinner Tonight series. Our goal is to help families find new, easy ways to access two of the many benefits of the family dinner table — increased produce consumption and healthier lifelong eating habits.

The first of our Veg Out! inspired Dinner Tonight experiences can be found here. Check back each week to see new vegetable-centered recipes from Recipe for Success, along with games and conversation starters from TFDP, to help make gathering your family for healthy meals easier and more fun!

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