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Dr. Anne Fishel Appearing at MGH

Dr. Anne FishelWhy are family dinners so important?
Our co-founder, Dr. Anne Fishel, sums it up in three words: “Connection, enjoyment, and stability.”

Hear more about why her years of experience in family therapy (and with a family of her own!) have convinced Dr. Fishel that family dinners are a vital part of our physical and emotional well-being at the MGH Russell Museum on February 17, 2015 at 6 p.m.  She’ll be giving a free talk and signing copies of her acclaimed new book, Home for Dinner: Mixing Food, Fun and Conversation for a Happier Family and Healthier Kids.

Learn more about Dr. Anne Fishel, her book and her insightful work on her website, or enjoy her many thoughtful posts in her featured FDP column, Food for Thought.

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