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Recent Posts

Holiday hosting can be fun, but also stressful! From planning the menu for the big day to managing all the little details, there are a lot of things to manage. We worked with our friends at GoodCook to get some of their insider secrets for stress-free hosting this holiday season: Easy, delicious and unique side dish ideas, simple make-ahead breakfast or brunch recipes, and top tips for storing leftovers for optimal safety and flavor.

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Lehman Family

The Lehman Family is a military family juggling five kids, frequent moves, picky eating and a mission to help other families like theirs.

Steps to Ease Dinner Stress for Stepfamilies

Dr. Patricia Papernow provides expert advice on how to make dinner with stepfamilies less stressful and more rewarding.

Real Family Dinner Projects: Partnering with Wellspring Multi-Service Center

The Family Dinner Project partnered with Wellspring Multi-Service Center in MA to pilot a new Dinner in a Box program for families.

Family Dinner and Eating Disorders: What Parents Need to Know

What do parents need to know about family dinner and eating disorders? We have expert advice to help make mealtimes safe and protective.

Adult Relationships and Family Dinner

Dr. Anne Fishel examines family dinner across the lifespan of a relationship, from new couplehood to old age.

Real Family Dinner Projects: Partnering With the Quincy Children’s Museum

The Quincy Children’s Museum and The Family Dinner Project partnered on some innovative dinner events for families!

How to Talk to Others About Your Child’s Eating Challenges

You may not always know how to talk about your child’s eating needs with others. Here’s some advice for family and social gatherings.