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The Price Is…?

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This game is a fun way to help the whole family understand your grocery budget!

To begin, choose 10 food items from your pantry and refrigerator. Try to select a range of foods across different price points, from the most economical (rice, dried beans, etc) to the most expensive (meats and seafood, berries, certain spices or specialty items).

Write the approximate price of each item on separate Post-It notes. Make enough duplicates for each member of your family (so if you have a family of four, you’ll have four price Post-It notes per item).

Set up a table or counter where you’ll display all of the food items. Put the Post-It notes in stacks at one end.

Now set a timer for 60 seconds and have each family member guess which price goes with which item, by sticking what they believe is the correct Post-It on each food. When the timer runs out, everyone stops.

Look at the results. What do they have in common? Where are the guesses wildly different? Now reveal the real prices and see what your family learns about your grocery budget!