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Selfie Hot Potato

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In the Selfie Hot Potato game, you can turn your family dinner into an instant photo booth experience! Choose a cell phone with a good camera. We also recommend using a phone with a sturdy case, since the excitement of the game can cause drops and fumbles!

The first person sets a timer on the cell phone. For extra fun, don’t tell people at the table how long the timer is for — not knowing increases the suspense. But do keep the time short, preferably under 90 seconds, to keep things lively! Once the timer is set, start passing the phone around the table.

Whoever is holding the phone when the timer goes off has to stop and take a selfie! Then reset the timer for a new amount of time, and keep passing the phone. Ideally, by the end of the game, there will be at least one photo of each person in the gallery, and you’ll have a photo record of your family mealtime!

For added fun, try giving selfie challenges:

  • Make your silliest or strangest face
  • Crazy hair
  • Most creative use of food in the photo
  • Try different expressions: Scared, surprised, angry, excited, nervous, grumpy…

This game can be especially fun at holidays and big family gatherings, where lots of people are at the table to join the fun and capture great memories. You can even follow the Selfie Hot Potato Game with a Photo Caption Contest!