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Gratefulness Grab Bag

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Give everyone two slips of paper, and have them write down two things that they’re thankful for (these can be silly or serious!). Place the slips in a bowl, pass it around the table, and have different people read the slips out loud.

You can add some twists to this idea if you’d like!

  • Guessing Game Variation: See if people can guess who wrote each item.
  • Compliments Variation: Focus your gratitude on the people around you! Write down things you’re thankful for about each person at the table.
  • Rose and Bud Variation: Write down one thing you’re grateful for, and one thing you hope will happen in the next year.
  • Holiday Tablecloth Variation: Instead of writing on slips of paper, cover your holiday table with a large sheet of butcher paper and have everyone write their expressions of gratitude on the table. Save it to display at the next family gathering!