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Dink Dink Dunk

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“Dink Dink Dunk” is a summer camp classic! Fair warning: Be ready to get wet.

This fun outdoor game is a twist on “Duck Duck Goose,” and starts the same way. Everyone sits in a circle on the ground. One person is the “picker” and walks around the circle tapping people gently on the head, saying “Dink…dink…dink…”

The twist is that the picker carries a full (small) cup of water! When they get tired of saying “dink,” they “dunk” the next person by saying “DUNK!” and pouring the water on them. The person who got dunked then has to jump up and chase the picker around the circle until they either tag the picker, or the picker gets back to their own empty seat and sits down.

For small family circles, the running part can be varied to increase the challenge — you can either decide that the picker gets chased around the circle 5 times before they can sit, or designate a spot across the yard that the picker runs to and back before sitting down.

If the picker is tagged before safely reaching their spot, they refill the cup and continue as the picker for the next round. If they’re safe, the person who was dunked and chased them fills the cup and becomes the next picker.