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You’ll need a pencil and paper for this game. One person should volunteer to go first. At the top of the paper, have person number 1 write down one nice thing a person can do for someone else (example: “I can make cookies for my neighbor”). Don’t let anyone else see the phrase.

Person number 1 then passes the paper to their right. Person number 2 will read the phrase then fold the paper over so no one else can read what is written. Person number 2 then gets 1 minute to draw a picture that depicts the phrase.

Person number 2 then passes the paper to their right. Person number 3 looks at the picture and writes down what they believe the original phrase was. This pattern of writing and drawing continues until the paper goes all the way around the table and ends up back in front of person number 1.

NOTE: If you have one or more players who cannot read yet, simply put them in between two players who can. If the young player gets passed a sentence, have the person who wrote the sentence whisper it in their ear so they can draw the picture from that. If the young player gets passed a drawing, ask them to whisper their guess for the sentence to the person on their right.


Click here to print a game sheet

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