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Using What You've Got Indo-Chinese Cauliflower with Barbecue Sauce

Indo chinese cauliflower

This dish is a vegetarian favorite (Gobi Manchurian, or Indo-Chinese Cauliflower) with a twist: using barbecue sauce instead of the traditional ketchup.


1) Heat a pan to medium heat. Once hot, pour in barbecue sauce and 2 Tbsp of olive oil into pan.
2) Place a pinch of pepper, and if you have it, the minced garlic into the pan as well. Stir ingredients together and cook until the mixture starts to thicken. Once the mixture starts to thicken, turn off the heat and place the pan to the side.
3) Heat a pot to medium high heat. Pour in enough oil to fill the pot up to one inch.
4) Coat each cauliflower floret with cornstarch, and place them into the pot to fry.
5) Once the cauliflower florets have browned, remove them from the pot and place them in the pan with the sauce.
6) Coat the florets with the sauce, and serve!


barbecue cauliflower side dish vegetarian 

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