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Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate

Chef Robin shares her homemade hot cocoa recipe: “I often make my own hot cocoa. It’s easy with a microwave, and low in calories if you use non-fat milk.  Real hot chocolate is divine and uses chocolate, not cocoa, and full fat milk or cream. It is a very special treat!  But this hot cocoa is fast and easy (and a great way to increase healthy dairy in one’s diet.)”



Unsweetened cocoa (powder with no added sugar or powdered milk in the ingredients list)


1. Using equal parts cocoa and sugar– about a heaping teaspoon of each for 8 oz of milk, put the sugar and cocoa in a mug, and add a dash of water.

2. Microwave for 15 seconds, stir, top off with non fat milk, and microwave again till hot.

3. Optional: add a few grains of salt and a drop of vanilla. Of course, marshmallows are fun too.