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Eat, Laugh, Talk: The Family Dinner Playbook

Our book shares 52 weeks of ideas for achievable family dinners with great food, fun and conversation.  Using real stories from families who have become a part of The Family Dinner Project over the years, we’re sharing tips to overcome common dinnertime obstacles, set goals and get closer as a family.  You’ll find chapters on picky eating, screen time, tension at the table, busy schedules and more — plus hundreds of easy recipes and tons of ideas for engaging conversation and exciting dinner games.

All proceeds from the sale of Eat, Laugh, Talk! are used to support our nonprofit community programs for families.

Praise for Eat, Laugh, Talk!

The ideal cookbook to remind us that togetherness is the only perfection needed when it comes to dinnertime.
Carla Hall
chef and author of Carla Hall’s Soul Food
There's no doubt family dinner has proven social, emotional, and nutritional benefits for kids, but many parents grapple with a lot of obstacles (and guilt!) in trying to make it happen. Armed with these doable strategies, kid-friendly recipes, and dinner table games, families will feel empowered to gather around the table together more often to share meals—and make memories.
Sally Kuzemchak
MS, RD, author of The 101 Healthiest Foods For Kids and
founder of Real Mom Nutrition
Eat, Laugh, Talk! is a comprehensive mealtime guide for parents. Aiming to bring the whole family together for a healthy, home-cooked meal, the text sparks ideas for food and fun. It throws out perfectionism in favor of ‘ease, affordability, taste, and versatility.’ This approach celebrates small victories, like a toddler taking two bites of vegetables, and holds realistic expectations about challenges like technology, co-parenting, picky eaters, and children who respond to questions about their days with ‘fine’.... Brimming with commonsense wisdom, Eat, Laugh, Talk! paints an attainable picture of enjoyable family meals.
Melissa Wuske
My kiddo is almost 11 and for about a year we’ve “assigned” them 1 day a week to plan and cook dinner. At times kiddo gets bored and resistant of this “chore” but this cook book has reignited their interest in cooking and it’s been SUPER fun to play the games and have the conversations suggested in the book! We’re having much more quality dinner times than we used to!
Amazon Customer