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Recent Posts

A Civic Season Family Picnic

Celebrate this Civic Season with food, fun and conversation from Monticello, Challah Back Girls, Made by Us, and New American History.

Podcast Episode 4: Picky or Problematic?

On this episode, we’re delving into the difference between picky eating, ARFID, and red flags for other feeding problems or eating disorders.

Real Family Dinner Projects: A Healthy Lynnfield

Spotlighting a recent partnership with A Healthy Lynnfield, an organization working on community-wide efforts for more family meal times.

Podcast Episode 3: Family Dinner During May Madness

In the third episode of The Family Dinner Project Podcast, we share strategies for managing meals during the busy end of the school year.

Podcast Episode 2: Is it the Family, or the Dinner?

We dive into questions around family dinner research, trying to sort out whether it’s the dinner, or the family having dinner, that matters.

Podcast Episode 1: Home for the Holidays?

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our latest venture: The Family Dinner Project Podcast! In each of our 30-minute episodes, Content Manager Bri DeRosa and Executive Director Dr. Anne Fishel will talk through tough topics related to family meals. Pull up a chair and grab a plate — we’re serving up real talk about […]

A Therapist’s Take on That Christmas Dinner from “The Bear”

Family therapist Dr. Anne Fishel tackles takeaways from the notorious family Christmas dinner on hit show “The Bear.”