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Recent Posts

New Research: How COVID Changed Dinner

New research by The Family Dinner Project and Making Caring Common shows that COVID changed dinner for many families in lasting ways.

Resilience Building Back-to-School Questions

This list of resilience building back-to-school questions will help parents and kids communicate about the tricky transition this fall.

How to Return to a Back-to-School Routine

Get expert tips on how to return to a back-to-school routine this fall in this interview with Dr. Khadijah Watkins from the MGH Clay Center.

How to Handle Family Dinner Vaccination Questions

Wondering how to handle vaccinations and family gatherings? Here are our tips for having the difficult conversation about safety.

Talking About Connecting With Others

Understand how kids and teens think about their social relationships and communication with these questions about connecting with others.

5 Ways to Make Dinnertime Cleanup Easier

Our followers tell us cleanup is one of the hardest things about family dinner. Here are 5 ways to make dinnertime cleanup easier!

How to Talk to Your Kids This Summer

Resilience experts Dr. Juliana Chen and Dr. Tai Katzenstein teach parents how to talk to kids and teens during this summer of transition.