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Recent Posts

Talking to Kids About Tragedy

When bad things happen in the world, how can you talk about it with your family? Our tips for talking with all ages.

How Dads are Finding New Roles at Dinner

Family and couples therapist Dr. Anthony Chambers walks us through how dads are finding new roles at dinner, and throughout the household.

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Eddy Family

Meet the Eddy family! Art Eddy is the blogger and podcast host behind The Art of Fatherhood, and he makes dinner a family priority.

Post-COVID Gatherings: Anxiety Dreams and Shaky Starts

Post-COVID gatherings are a long-anticipated gift, but they’re also the source of anxiety dreams and shaky starts for many people.

Talking About: Managing Anxiety

Talking about managing anxiety when it arises is an important way for parents to help safeguard kids’ mental health.

Dinner and a Movie: Valentine’s Day Family Movies

Enjoy a Valentine Dinner and a Movie, with food, fun, conversation and film ideas from The Family Dinner Project and Common Sense Media!

How to Talk to Kids About Sex and Intimacy

Parents may be unsure how to talk to kids about sex, but it’s one of the most important conversations families can have.