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Real Family Dinner Projects: The Denoy Family

Posted on: September 4th, 2018 by Bri DeRosa

Meet the Denoys! Kristi and “Superman” are focused on raising their two girls with the same family dinner traditions they remember from growing up.

The Family:

Kristi, Superman, Little Miss (9) and Belle (5 months). The Denoys hail from Grand Prairie, Texas.

The Goal:

Building on their childhood memories and traditions, Kristi and Superman want to make sitting down at the table to enjoy a meal and a good conversation without distractions a daily routine for their daughters.

The Challenge:

Scheduling is a big problem for the Denoy family, who juggle “a LOT of extracurricular activities!” Finding a way to get everyone to the table for a meal together is a priority for Kristi and Superman, but it takes hard work and planning to make it happen.

The Strategies:

Kristi shares that prioritizing dinnertime doesn’t always happen without help. On days when the family is pressed for time due to their many commitments, they enlist the help of nearby grandparents, often visiting them for dinner so that the Denoy parents don’t have to devote precious minutes to cooking and cleanup. When they do have an evening free of commitments and can eat at home, they try to make the meal planning and prep as easy as possible to allow them to focus on togetherness. “We like to have 21 go-to dinners,” Kristi says, reflecting a rotation of family favorites that are easy to cook and minimize fuss at the table.

The Food:

Quick and easy is the Denoy family strategy, reflected in a favorite meal: ground beef and frozen chopped broccoli, sauteed with garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper. “It is DELICIOUS and so easy!”

The Takeaway:

Through both The Family Dinner Project and the Kids Cook Monday, Kristi shares that she’s been able to get Little Miss excited about helping in the kitchen. They’ve also all enjoyed trying different conversation starters and games. “Dinner talks are the best kind of chats!”

The Best Part:

Kristi and Superman love “the deeper connections that dinner conversations lend,” as well as making memories at the table that their girls will cherish in years to come. As for 9-year-old Little Miss:

“I think the best part of family dinners is laughter. We like to take turns trying to make one another smile while we eat.”