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What Did Your Family Think of the Olympic Games?

Posted on: August 14th, 2012 by Allissa

These Olympics gave us a lot to talk about, so we couldn’t resist writing a dinner conversation post about them. Between stunning feats of athleticism, the Spice Girls singing at the closing ceremonies, and a couple of minor scandals, the London games were perpetually surprising. And they gave us the perfect opportunity to talk about sportsmanship, competition, and trying your best.

Here are a few questions to spark one (or two!) conversations about the Olympics with your family.

Favorite Moments

  • Which athletes inspired you? How much of an athlete’s success comes from talent, and how much of it comes from hard work?
  •  If you had to choose, what were your favorite moment from this Olympics?

What Would You Do?

  • How would you act after winning a gold medal? On the flip side, how would you act after narrowly losing one? What would you say to your opponents?
  • The Chinese badminton team was disqualified for intentionally losing games, but the players argued that the rules made it too tempting to cheat (losing the first round meant they’d have an easier second round). Were the badminton players wrong to “not try their best”? Or were the rules to blame?
  • US swimmer Tyler Clary made a splash when he criticized teammate Michael Phelps for not working hard enough during training. If you think a friend or teammate isn’t working hard enough, should tell them? Or should you always be supportive?

The Big Picture

  • Do you think the Olympic games create harmony or competition between countries?
  • Athletes often work their whole lives to compete in the Olympics. Would you spend your life working towards a single goal? What would it be?

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