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Talking About: Managing Anxiety

Posted on: March 31st, 2022 by Bri DeRosa

Anxiety disorders are fairly common, and in recent years, they seem to be on the rise. But anxiety is also a feeling that’s familiar to many of us. You don’t have to have a clinically diagnosed anxiety disorder to feel anxious sometimes! Daily life can be stressful, and unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations can cause anyone to occasionally feel a sense of anxiety. As mental health concerns for kids and teens continue to grow, talking about managing anxiety and the overwhelming feelings that can accompany daily stress is increasingly important.

To help caregivers start the conversation, we’re rounding up these collections of conversation starters dedicated to mental health and wellbeing. Making sure that kids and teens feel healthy connections to others and have strong relationships can be one important first step to managing anxiety. It can also help to foster a sense of resilience. And of course, knowing how to handle stressful situations and practice good self-care are practical skills for every family member.

Talking about how to manage anxiety is a smart way for family adults to help safeguard kids’ mental health. Check in with your kids and teens tonight, using the conversation starters below.