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The Family Dinner Project

Food, fun and conversation about things that matter.

Get Started

Take family dinner outside with picnic-ready food, fun, and conversation ideas!

Family Spotlight

Art Eddy is the blogger and podcast host behind The Art of Fatherhood, and he makes dinner a family priority.

Dinner Tonight: 6-24-2022

Your daily helping of food, fun and conversation

Also explore our Budget Friendly program, with recipes and resources to help you make a week's worth of dinners for less than $7 per person.

Conversation of the Week

Talk about the Civic Season — Juneteenth through the Fourth of July — with conversation starters about our nation’s history and future.

Expert Advice

Family and couples therapist Dr. Anthony Chambers walks us through how dads are finding new roles at dinner, and throughout the household.

Newsletter: June 2022

Make Memories with Family Dinner