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Family Blog

Real families share their dinnertime wisdom on our fun, informal Family Blog. Discover new ways to create lively conversation, get everyone involved in dinner, and bring your family closer together, one meal at a time.

When Dinner Can’t Happen (And What to do Instead)

July 25th, 2016

Our top five tips for getting the benefits of a shared meal when you’re just too busy for dinner!

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Bublitz Family

June 29th, 2016

A military family shares their challenges and triumphs in having family dinners with two very young children.

Talking to Kids About Tragedy

June 13th, 2016

When bad things happen in the world, how can you talk about it with your family? Our tips for talking with all ages.

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Isaac Family

May 27th, 2016

The Isaac family from West Virginia shares how The Family Dinner Project helps them reach their dinnertime goals.

Telling Tales at the Table

May 4th, 2016

Team member Bri shares how stories help her family bond at the table.

Teaching Humility Over Family Dinner

March 31st, 2016

Executive Director Lynn Barendsen reflects on teaching old-world virtues at a modern family dinner.

Revealing Romance at the Dinner Table

February 12th, 2016

Can — and should — you use family dinner as an opportunity to demonstrate romance to your kids?

Operation Family Dinner

October 15th, 2015

A military family takes on a family dinner challenge. Read how it went!

School Chef Offers Good Advice for Picky Eaters

June 9th, 2015

“Suddenly I have a kid who likes salad, fresh herbs and deftly mincing garlic…”

Answering Real Moms’ Family Dinner Questions

May 21st, 2015

We help real families with their dinner dilemmas: toddler transitions, clean plates, rewards, and more.

How Grandparents Can Help With Family Dinner

May 8th, 2015

Nana Jorj Morgan Knows What She’s Talking About

Taking a Leap: Helping Selective Eaters Try New Foods

May 4th, 2015

Help selective eaters take a leap forward with these simple tips.