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The Family Dinner Project

Food, fun and conversation about things that matter.

Get Started

Get 31 Days of fun family activities for the holiday season with this printable calendar of at-home food, fun and conversation ideas!

Family Spotlight

Our book shares 52 weeks of ideas for achievable family dinners with great food, fun and conversation -- and proceeds help support our nonprofit programs!

Dinner Tonight: 12-3-2021

cheese blintzes

Your daily helping of food, fun and conversation

Also explore our Budget Friendly program, with recipes and resources to help you make a week's worth of dinners for less than $7 per person.

Conversation of the Week

Get our list of holiday movies to watch as a family this season, plus food, fun and conversation ideas to make them meaningful.

Expert Advice

Gifting a new phone for the holidays? Dr. Neha Chaudhary offers expert advice for important conversations about digital life.

Newsletter: December 2021