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The Family Dinner Project

Food, fun and conversation about things that matter.

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A picnic dinner can be a fun way to shake up your family dinner routine. We'll be sharing new ideas for food, fun and conversation all summer long!

Family Spotlight

From letting dinner happen anywhere to giving age-appropriate kitchen tasks, our Assistant Executive Director shares five things she's learned about eating family dinner with a toddler during a pandemic.

Dinner Tonight: 6-5-2020

waldorf chicken salad

Your daily helping of food, fun and conversation

Conversation of the Week

Families may struggle to talk about racism, but it’s a necessary conversation to have. Talk about how to work against racism with our conversation starters.

Expert Advice

We have lots of resources to help you feel close to each other — whether you’re in the same house or miles apart.

Newsletter: June 2020

Make Memories with Family Dinner