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The Family Dinner Project

Food, fun and conversation about things that matter.

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We've got lots of expert help for families whose meals are impacted by autism, ADHD, sensory issues, and more.


Get ready for a year of family meals! Proceeds from our book "Eat, Laugh, Talk" support our nonprofit community programs.

Dinner Tonight: 2-8-2023

Your daily helping of food, fun and conversation

Also explore our Budget Friendly program, with recipes and resources to help you make a week's worth of dinners for less than $7 per person.

Conversation of the Week

Get sound advice from clinicians and sex ed experts for handling "the talk" at all ages!

Expert Advice

Dr. Anne Fishel examines the stages of dinner through the span of a relationship, from new couplehood to the empty nest and beyond.

Newsletter: February 2023

Make Memories with Family Dinner